Setting The Captives Free – 9 Mp3


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“Than you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32

Millions of Christians, and non-Christians, live under the heavy yoke of bondage. But the Word says that Jesus came to manifest, and destroy the works of the devil. So why are so many people still living in darkness? In this 12 hour series by Apostle Weekes, you will receive revelation knowledge, that will lift you from the yoke of the wicked one, into the glorious liberty of the Son of God. Get ready to learn keys, that will not only enable you to walk in freedom, but set others free as well.
 Topics include:
·      How to set the captives free.
·      Victory over sickness.
·      Oneness with Jesus.
·      How to overcome the strongman. 
·      How to heal the sick.
·      The connection between yoga and sickness,


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